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KW Solar Solutions Work with Habitat for Humanity

The staff at KW Solar Solutions was proud to work with Habitat for Humanity to install a 3.75kW Solar Array on a home in Aberdeen, MD. Our crew volunteered their time to install the 15 panel system and micro inverters. The homeowner was thrilled about this solar installation as it will significantly reduce her electric

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New Solar Financing Option for Delaware Residents

  The State of Delaware continues to support renewable energy for our citizens.  Starting in June a new low interest solar loan is available through the Energize Delaware program.  The interest rate is only 3.9% for qualifying homeowners, and can cover up to 70% of project cost.  Other solar incentives, such as the 30% Federal

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How Does the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for Solar Work

A great way to help off-set the cost of your solar installation is the 30% federal tax credit.  It’s one way our country is supporting clean, renewable electricity generation.  We at KW Solar Solutions are solar experts, not tax experts so it would be wise to consult with a tax professional.  Here’s some information on

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Home Valuations

Solar Homes and Increased Property Value Ever wonder if your home’s value would increase if solar panels were installed to generate it’s electricity.  According to real estate studies, t he answer is yes.  Solar homes have increased value compared to non-solar homes.  See the below information by the Department of Energy SunShot program: “Buying a solar

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How to Finance

Converting your home or business to solar energy is great for your budget as well as the environment.   Total system prices vary widely and can be a significant upfront investment, however, you can expect to save 40% to 70% over its 30 year lifetime. But what’s the best way to pay for your solar system? 

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Buying vs. leasing your solar PV system

A key consideration in the decision to have solar PV installed at your home is whether to buy the system or to lease it. There is no doubt that having solar panels convert sun light into electricity benefits everyone, but your pocket book will be impacted for years to come by your decision to buy

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