Delaware LMI Program Low & Moderate Income Residential Solar Grants

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources has a solar grant program available for low and moderate income families.

Low Income Grant will cover 100% of the costs for a 10 solar module residential array (4kW). Eligible households must be 200% below the federal poverty income level based on number of occupants in the home. For instance, a family of four with combined income of $55,500 or less would qualify for the grant. Before going solar with the Low Income Grant it's neccessary to go thru the DNREC Winterization Assistance Program.

Moderate Income Grant will cover 70% of the costs for a 15 module solar array (6kW). Eligible families must be below their Delaware counties median income level. For instance, a family of four in New Castle County with combined income of $84,300 or less would qualify.

The goal of the program is to help low and moderate income families in Delaware take advantage of the benefits of solar renewable energy:

  • Save hundreds of dollars annually on your electricity bill
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Help decrease carbon emissions in the atmosphere


KW Solar Solutions will work with you to see if you're eligible for the Low or Moderate grant and determine if your roof is suitable for a solar installation.

Roofs that will qualify as suitable for solar are those that:

  • Receive plenty of sunshine throughout the day (even in the winter months)
  • Have roof shingles that are 10 years old or less
  • Face towards the south, east or west
  • Are not low slope

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