Delmarva Green Energy Grant Increased

Delmarva customers in Delaware are eligible to receive a Green Energy Grant to go solar. The maximum solar grant amount was increased in late 2020 to $6,000 for homeowners. It’s a great way to help pay for adding solar panels to your home or business.

The amount of the grant you would be eligible for is based on the size of your proposed solar array. The rate is $.70 cents per watt.

For example, if you have KW Solar Solutions install a 6,000 watt system (or 6kW sized system) your grant amount would be .7 x 6000 = $4,200. A 6kW sized system is an averaged size rooftop solar array consisting of twenty 300 watt solar panels, which would produce about 7800 kilowatt hours of electricty annually.

Businesses and non-profits qualify at different rate amounts.

To learn more about the Delaware Green Energy Grant Program click here. Or, feel free to call us at 302-838-8400 or email

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