Maryland Solar Grant Incentives

The State of Maryland is one of the best states in the U.S. to go solar. You can take advantage of the $1000 cash grant offered to homeowners. It’s a terrific financial incentive to make the switch to clean, renewable energy sources, like solar panels.

Businesses and non-profits also qualify for MEA grants to install solar PV systems. The Commercial Clean Energy Grant amount is calculated at a specified rate per kW of installed system capacity.

Grants are a great way to help pay for your solar installation. But the biggest savings comes from the reduction in electric utility bill. We help many homeowers in north east Maryland eliminate the entire portion of the energy bill by installing solar panels. You can also sell the value of the green energy by cashing in on Solar Renewable Energy Certificates each month. That, added with the federal tax credit help make solar a great investment.

KW Solar Solutions can help you plan and design a solar system for your home or business and qualify for all the incentives.

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