My place of work, Milburn Orchards, which also happens to be my husband's family's farm, recently had the pleasure of working with KW Solar Solutions to install a pretty expansive PV Array (solar panel system) on the roof of our Farm Market and Cold Storage Buildings. We spent lots of time comparing estimates from several companies, but KW was the best choice all around! The "red tape" involved was daunting initially, but Jackie (KW office manager), took care of everything! She was a lifesaver, an absolute joy to work with! Excellent customer service throughout the entire experience...Dale supervised the installation on site, offered us lots of options and guidance as far as the "design" and additional features that would benefit us the most. To top it all off, KW Solar Solutions is a local small business! Skip the huge companies with franchises regional territories, stick with personal touch that goes hand in hand with buying local!

When we decided to purchase our solar system, we met with several "big name" companies and then we met the team at KW Solar Solutions. Every step in the process was made easy by their professional staff. They educated us, walked us through the buying process, provided the professional installation and completed all the "paperwork" for us. I would recommend KW Solar Solutions to anyone interested in buying from a local company who takes pride in their product and service.
Ken and Angie Trzepkowski

We have been very, very pleased by the service we received from KW Solar. I would be happy to write a few lines. How is this:

As the Executive Director of a nonprofit agency I worry every day about finding and managing the resources necessary to provide services to children who have been abused and families impacted by domestic violence. By installing solar energy Child, Inc. has been able to reduce our energy costs for years to come. The money we will save will go directly to fulfilling our mission. The staff at KW Solar made it easy. From the beginning of the project to the end, the staff of KW Solar were helpful, professional, and friendly. Because Child, Inc. works with very vulnerable clients confidentiality is extremely important to us. The staff at KW Solar immediately understood and went out of their way to do their work in a way that protected the privacy of our clients. I am very happy to recommend KW Solar!

Tim Brandau, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Child, Inc.

The KW Solar crew from start to finish were very respectful of our home. The 6.84 KW installation was completed in a few days without any delays. The panels, inverter and other electrical boxes look professionally organized and labeled for easy identification. Live monitoring online is awesome. We would also like to thank the office staff for completing all the application, grant and SREC paperwork. Great Job!

George and Karin

KW Solar family were the best in helping me decide to go forward with solar. They were very knowledgeable about the process. They walked me through every step for the rebates. In addition to installing aesthetically pleasing panels, they were very neat and considerate to my demands with the wiring on the house. They were very diligent in filling out my paperwork for approval and very informative on what to expect when I became fully operational.

KW Solar made my journey to renewable energy a pleasant experience. Thanks KW Solar!


I am very pleased with the job KW Solar Solutions did on my solar installation. They were professional and worked clean and efficiently on the job site. Please know that I will be happy to give a reference for your company. And, you are welcome to bring prospective clients out to view our installation if ever the need arises.

Swiss Dale Farms

We are very pleased with KW Solar and the installation of our Solar Panels. Having witnessed how professional and efficient KW Solar installed the System at our neighbor and checking out other Solar companies, the decision to go with KW Solar was definitely the best we could have done. From the initial consultation, the filing of paperwork, to the installation and start up, all was done professionally and on time. Dale and his entire team are easy to work with, always courteous, respectful and very customer service oriented.
Gerhard & Valerie

"KW Solar were incredibly helpful in answering all my questions. They're very responsive and the installation was flawless. I highly recommend them as a premier solar installer in the state."
Supervising Energy Engineer

Our install was entirely seamless!
We chose KW Solar primarily because they were willing to install our system on our pole barn. They are very knowledgeable and more informative than all of the other solar companies we priced in the area. Our install was entirely seamless and we were up and running in no time at all. The entire staff at KW were quite patient an most helpful in taking the time to walk us through all steps of the process. I do and will continue to recommend KW Solar to all my friends and acquaintances.

K.W. Solar provided us with exceptional service.
"K.W. Solar provided us with exceptional service. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely professional. Most importantly, they took the time to get to know us, they helped us decide on the best system to meet our needs, and they helped guide us through every phase of the project. I highly recommend K.W.Solar"

Nadine & Guy
Wonderful company Wonderful people
We can't say enough good things about KW Solar Solutions! On our initial phone call they were willing to meet us, with very short notice, at our house that was under construction. Our project was a little more difficult because our house was still in the process of being built but KW was willing to work with us to make it happen. We loved the fact that they are a local family owned & run company. We were on a 1st name basis in no time. They are one of the only solar companies that we called with a full time person there to answer the phone each & every time we called. There were a lot of concepts that we were unfamiliar with & we needed to have explained to us; they were willing & able to do that. There is a lot of paperwork involved in getting this done & we would not have made it through this process without the help of Jackie, the administrative person. She was wonderful! They all were. They were all courteous, professional, helpful, showed up on time - I wish more companies were
operated like this one is. Highly recommended.

"The installation went very quick. It made me feel really good to help the environment....put my money where my mouth is."

"Dale and Jim are really nice guys who love and take pride in what they do. They are professional and reasonable, not all about money. They've returned my phone calls quickly, answered all of my questions and concerns, and got the job done quickly as well. Ann and Bob have been a great help as well. There was no effort on my part to get the electrical credit from Delmarva and get registered with the state.”

“100% completely satisfied! What a joy to work with KW Solar. The whole process from planning to installation to follow-up was handled courteously and professionally. I highly recommend KW Solar anytime solar is the topic.”

“Thank you, your partners, your staff, and all the people who were involved in making my dream come true. I have dreamed of getting a solar system for 25 years. I am pleased that kW Solar offered fine salesmanship, professional skills, and a quality product at a reasonable price. This coupled with the State and Federal Energy rebate program made owning a solar system possible for me.”

"KW Solar Solutions did an excellent job with our installation. The crew was hard-working and attentive to every detail. We’re proud to be part of the renewable energy initiative in Delaware”
Cathy and Bob

“Our system has been working flawlessly and has surpassed all our expectations. We want to thank you for all your help in the planning and system design. Jim, Dale, Mark, Bob, Ann and Jackie, you are all professionals. Thanks so much for a job well done!”
Dan and Mary

“Best looking panels ever! KW’s expertise installation is very fast and thorough. Saving money already!!”
Liz and Rex
Pike Creek

“I have to say we are pleased with our installation. I still love to go outside on a nice sunny day and watch the electric meter running backwards, and think that we are winning.”

“We just love watching the meter run backwards and the negative electric bill is even better”

“My only regret is that the roof of my house was not big enough to install the 5 kW system”

“KW Solar has been a great experience, working with professional people who know their business, and take care of their customers. We have used KW Solar for residential and commercial, and their quality of workman ship is excellent, and a pleasure to work with.”
Reybold Venture Group

“KW Solar is a Friendly and Professional organization. I am more than satisfied with their work. If I had to start over, I would make the same decision and use them again.”
New Castle

“KW Solar is a highly professional team who makes the whole PV installation as easy as can be. They started with detail and accurate cost & benefits estimation, to project preparation, installation, dealing with the power company and onto great after-sales service. The entire process has been very easy for the customer. I highly recommended this company for any PV installation project.”

"None other better! No other organization can eclipse the stellar service provided by KW Solar.
KW Solar outshines (literally) all the rest! My many thanks for the informative and detailed service before, during and after installation. You will definitely not regret contracting with this company."

“All of the staff are extremely courteous and professional. All the work was done with high quality and complete respect. You all answered any questions or concerns we may have had.”

“KW Solar Solutions was very easy to work with from start to finish. Our solar project was completed professionally and on-time. We are very pleased with our system.”
Brandywine School District

“I have to say that it was a quick, painless process. KW Solar did all of the paperwork for us and it was done in 2 days. Not only are we reaping the benefits by having either a greatly reduced or no electric bill, but we have also sold our solar credits. It's a win-win situation that I tell everyone about.”

“Our records indicate that we have been generating more power than anticipated. I would recommend KW Solar, they did an excellent job.”
1st Vice President – Delaware City Volunteer Fire Co.

"I often depend on my son to sift through information for me when I need to make a decision that requires engineering knowledge. After evaluating what different companies offered, he suggested KW Solar Solutions. In addition to the obvious perk of the green benefits to the environment, I LOVE seeing the meter running in reverse! For the present, I have maxed out the grant monies available from my power provider, but plan to add to my system in the future. KW Solar has provided me with the information that I needed to make my energy decisions and installed my system with minimal interruption to my routine AND my power. You've been great to work with!"
Wyoming, DE

I couldn't be happier with my solar panels -- and the greatly diminished electricity bill that I receive monthly! For 7 months in a row, my only Delmarva Power charge was $7.36, which is a basic charge just to be connected to the electric grid. Last month's bill was $0.00! I was delighted, but confused, so I called Delmarva Power. Because they had reduced their charges recently, I now have a zero balance with a credit. My neighbors say I am "notorious" in my neighborhood for being the first to have solar panels and I love to show them how I "knock" on the panel to get the daily readout of kWh power received. I am so glad I used KW Solar and that I did it last year.
Wilmington, Delaware

"Working with KWSolar employees was an absolute joy from the contract-signing inception at the office, throughout the installation, and ending with the day Dale Wolf and Jim Kelley threw the "on" switch. I chose to wait and get the higher watt, smaller panels, presently in greater demand. I have shared my satisfaction of this solar roof at U of D Academy of Lifelong Learning classes on Environmental Concerns. When I needed rebate help thru the REC paperwork, after installation, Bob Wevodau responded with alacrity. With that kind of service, they will soon have most of the solar business in Delaware. I am glad I saved part of my roof for future expansion. With the State and Federal rebates, this entire project was do-able. To the competitor who stole my "Solar Installation by KWSolar" sign from my front lawn, this testimonial is my answer to you."
Wilmington, Delaware

"We are delighted to be writing this testimonial to KW Solar Solutions.

Having contacted 3 installation companies, KW stood out in many respects. One company never showed up for an estimate. Another company never followed up. Your sales representative, Mark Berry, is very knowledgeable and did a very thorough assessment. He was able and willing to leave a preliminary estimate at the time of the the initial assessment.
Jim Kelley and Dale Wolf were available to answer all our questions about products, preparation and installation. We visited a job site to watch how the crew worked and we were impressed with the work and friendly attitude of the crew.
Jim and Bob Myers, the electrician, assessed the placement of the conduits and the inverter at our house so we would know exactly where everything was going. There were no surprises on installation day.

Dale and his installation crew arrived on schedule and in two days the job was complete. After a very thorough explanation of the installed system, KW then took care of coordinating the inspections and the paperwork needed to go online with Delmarva Power. All of this went very smoothly. We went on line July 9, 2009.

Bob Wevodau has been terrific in coordinating all the paperwork necessary to sell the REC's. Needless to say, the administrative staff, especially Jackie, Anne and Tracey was very responsive, friendly and very helpful."
Al and Bea
Newark, Delaware

"We are so pleased with our solar panels! KW Solar was professional and wonderful to deal with. From the beginning KW was so helpful, through the planning stage, applying for grants and the installation. We were completely pleased with KW Solar and will recommend them to our friends with confidence."
Slaughter Beach Delaware

"When I decided to install solar panels I contacted several companies. Most responded and several made on site visits to my home. But KW Solar by far made the best first impressions by taking the extra time to share and review the solar panel material, inspect/measure my roof areas and check for attic access. I received several quotes for the solar panel system and decided on KW Solar based on their hands on approach. Every step of the process was clearly communicated to us. The work started on time and was completed on time in the utmost professional way. I’m very pleased and happy we chose KW Solar. Every neighbor is envious that we have lowered our electric bills. Thanks, KW Solar."
Dover, Delaware

"I have had my solar system now for a year and my electric bill has been reduced almost every month. In the summer months, my electric bill is almost cut in half. My decision to go with KW Solar was the right decision. Several other friends went with another company and they waited over 4 months to have their systems completed. My system was completed in a very short time and up and running a few days after completion. The guys at KW Solar were very professional and answered all my questions through the whole process. I have recommended them to anyone who asked me about my system."

William- Wilmington

"I am very impressed with the electric work that was done on Friday. Granted - I don't know anything about electricity but I have seen other work that we have had done. The work they did is so neat and sturdy. I wish they were the ones who had wired our entire house!"

Trish, Harrisburg, PA

"Our hats off to KWSolar. They made the experience of installing GREEN technology a pleasure. Their proposal was professional. The installation was professional. And the follow-up was professional. But nothing beats product -- whereas we place a high value on function-over-form, our two architect sons value form-over-function -- and they both give the job two thumbs up. Thanks again.Jim, Dale and company."

Regards, -Don
Kennett Square, PA

We are very happy with our solar energy system. We have also converted to compact fluorescent light bulbs, energy star appliances and our average electric bill has declined from about $250 per month to about $60. We are working planning to add more panels with our REC revenue and eliminate our electric bill.

Nate and Eileen
Weldin Park North Wilmington

"KWSolar is wonderful! It is a company that takes pride in its products and workmanship! Their salesperson, Mark Berry, is extremely informative with no pressure. This company takes the time to give you the product best for your home and its location. They will answer all questions, and prides themselves with wanting you to be informed.
The installation is done in a couple of days. We were extremely pleased when the inspector sited KWSolar as one of the best companies he inspects. He stated that he has never had an issue with approving the inspection with any job from KWSolar. We were ecstatic to see our meter running backwards, from the moment the system was turned on! Thank you, KWSolar."

Garry and Allie
Ocean View

I had an excellent experience in working with KW Solar Solutions for my solar panel installation. Dale, Jackie and the entire team at KW Solar are very knowledgeable about solar and were extremely responsive and helpful throughout the process. I would recommend KW Solar without hesitation for solar panel installation.


I just wanted to say that dealing with the KWSolar office staff and crew was one of the easiest transactions I have ever experienced. Dale and his crew were professional and completed the job on time and as per the contract. They cleaned up and left nothing for us to do. Jackie was the absolute best and helped guide us easily through the paperwork. I would highly recommend KWSolar for your Solar needs.

Dave and Jan